The Diamond Jubilee Gardens

Location 6

Tips for the route: Leave the back of York House Gardens and follow the riverside path, reaching the main road via Champions Wharf play beach. Turn left and follow the river past The Barmy Arms pub enjoying views of Eel Pie Island until you reach Café Sunshine at the entrance to The Diamond Jubilee Gardens. 

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The best post receives a free 30 min zoom dance class online. Winners announced on January 31 2021. Please don’t post under 16s full names we can simply message you back. Use any of our social media channels or email [email protected]

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Food and environment facts, please read:

One for the children here, the National Geographic Kids section is great. Everyone needs to see the bottlenose banana. Enjoy making your fruit animals!

We can’t wait to hear about your magical walk adventures don’t forget to message us or post your photos, selfies, dancing and competition entries