Mindful Moment, Memorial Benches

Location 5

We were really moved by the messages on the memorial benches. Take a seat overlooking the Thames and enjoy a mindful moment. Here’s a link to Fall by Phillip Smethurst one of our favourite composers. It is clear the world is full of love. Love each other, love the planet, love yourself and as they say be kind.

Mindful task for children. Allow your child to tell you:

5 things they can see
4 things they can hear
3 things they can feel
2 things they can smell
1 thing they can taste (yummy snack an asset)

For Adults

Sit comfortably
Inhale for 4 & Exhale for 6
Inhale for 4 & Exhale for 7
Inhale for 4 & Exhale for 8

Try to breathe slowly & comfortably using a belly breath and relax your shoulders

Repeat – Enjoy

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