York House Gardens, Sea Nymphs Statue

Location 4

Safety notice: Please make sure you read our “BIOdance – How to Walk Safely Guide” including park opening times and high tide guidance. This part of the route is subject to flooding when the tide is high. Planning ahead or taking a higher parallel path will ensure safety if required.

Tips for the route: From Ham House Viewpoint follow the river towards York House.
Continue along Riverside road, pass The White Swan Pub, continue under the bridge and turn right into the Champions Wharf play beach. You will access the back of York House Gardens from the riverside path. Keep going to find the hidden Sea Nymphs Statues.

Inundation is a dance film inspired by the significance of water and climate change. Please read the important UNICEF link below. By 2040, almost 1 in 4 children will live in areas of extremely high-water stress, in addition the polar ice caps are melting six times faster than they were in the 1990s and this means dangerous flooding could follow. Climate changes needs to be a priority for all of us.

York House Gardens is a hidden gem in the borough and provides a powerful backdrop for this dance film. These charming gardens date back to the 17th Century and many features of the grounds remain from Indian industrialist Sir Ratan Tata’s previous ownership, including the sunken lawn to the rear of the house, the sea nymph statuary near the riverside and the restored Japanese garden. York House is a historic stately home and currently serves as the Town Hall of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and forms part of the present day civic offices.

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