Orleans House Woods

Location 2

Tips for the route: With the Octagon room behind you, facing the woods, please try to take the lowest path nearest the river it will bend its way to the exit of the woods on Orleans Rd. Look out for the arrow on a tree to show you the way. When you are finished with the woodland go through the arched doorway and turn right on Orleans Road to head to Location 3 but watch out for vehicles on this road & please be careful.

Welcome to the BIOdance nature trail & a fantastic competition for children up to age 12 years. Adults we hope you will join in but sorry you are not eligible for the prize!

If you can photograph the following 4 hidden things you will enter a competition to receive one year of the awesome Nat Geo Kids magazine free of charge, it’s amazing! We are looking for creative photos.

How to enter – take all 4 nature trail photos and post them on any of our social media channels. Winners will be announced on Jan 31, 2020. People posting must be aged 13 or over. You can be anonymous or give your first name (PLEASE DONT POST FULL NAMES OF CHILDREN) When we have selected a winner, we will message you back via social media. Happy hunting.

1. Find a tree that looks like a face
2. Find any patterns or interesting shapes in nature (bark, leaves, flowers)
3. Can you find a secret tunnel to a boat house that previously led to the river?
4. Can you photograph a beautiful sky or leaf canopy in all its glory?

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We can’t wait to hear about your magical walk adventures don’t forget to message us or post your photos, selfies, dancing and competition entries