The Octagon Room, Orleans House Gallery

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Tips for the route: Explore the beautiful Orleans House Gallery & Gardens free of charge. Bring your masks for indoor visits. Access to lovely cafe & WC. Check autumn opening times on the weblink below.

FRUIT-full is a baroque inspired dance duet celebrating the decadence of the parties of the Octagon Room at Orleans House. A surreal take on the exotic fruits & rare and treasured pineapples that were a sign of wealth at this time. The dance is part of BIOdance a climate change and heritage inspired dance project. This playful dance comes with a side order of caution, it is often said “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”. Maybe all of us could take some time to review what we eat, its impact on the environment, on our health and how we live our lives.
Many thanks go to Orleans House Gallery and the inspiration from the Octagon 300 exhibition created by artists Alice in Hackneyland.

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One for the children here, the National Geographic Kids section is great. Everyone needs to see the bottlenose banana. Enjoy making your fruit animals!

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